HeartGold – 2:34 – Zephyr Badge

Violet City Gym

I got my first badge in HeartGold and it was pretty easy, other than the fact that Totodile wouldn’t listen to me during the most crucial part of the battle.

One down; fifteen to go.


HeartGold – A New Adventure!

Man, I need to come up with a more original title for when I start new games…

Anyway, I bought HeartGold about two hours ago and I’m already in love with it (as much as you can be “in love” with a video game). The new PokeDex layout, the new Pokemon stats pages… gah, too much for me to gawk over. But those things are beside the point; I’m here to give you an update on my adventure so far.

I decided to pick (who else) Cyndaquil to begin my adventure. But after leveling it up to 9 I decided to trade a level 1 Totodile and a level 1 Chikorita from my Diamond game and they’re all around level 10 now. Here’s an update on their stats


Level 12

Nature – Naive (+Speed/-Special Attack)

HP – 33

Attack – 18

Defense – 16

Special Attack – 20

Special Defense – 18

Speed – 26


Level 10

Nature – Timid (+Speed/-Attack)

HP – 32

Attack – 17

Defense – 20

Special Attack – 15

Special Defense – 16

Speed – 16


Level 10

Nature – Lax (+Defense/-Special Defense)

HP – 29

Attack – 16

Defense – 22

Special Attack – 15

Special Defense – 17

Speed – 14

So there’s all my good Pokemon so far! I traded a Bellsprout to a kid in Violet City for an Onix named Rocky (very clever, son).  Right now I’m in Sprout Tower…

Sprout Tower

…getting ready to take on the guys at the top of the tower. After I Ember my way through the Sea of Bellsprouts I’ll go to battle Falkner at the Violet City Gym.

Diamond – 180:20 – Totodile…?

What once was a youthful Totodile, is now…



Boo-yah! I’ve trained my Totodile into a Croconaw. I had forgotten that T-dile doesn’t evolve into C-naw until level 18, so when T-dile got to 16 I was foolishly excited for an evolution that wasn’t gonna happen. I’ll update you on the stats of my new Croconaw.

HP – 53

Attack – 36

Defense – 35

Special Attack – 27

Special Defense – 31

Speed – 30

As you can see, the Jolly nature also decreases your Special Attack. The one thing I love about natures is that every one of them has their pro’s and con’s. The pro for the Jolly nature is boosted Speed, and the con is prolonged Special Attack.

Oh well. I can cope.