Emerald Update #2 – 6.21.10

Alright! Salamence is up to level 100! WOO! Gonna change the moveset a little bit, migrate her over to HeartGold and then trade her to Diamond to get the Pokedex entries, then trade her to Platinum to wait for some online battling.

I mentioned Spheal before but I’m putting her on the shelf and training my Aron, which just recently evolved into Lairon, so… I’m training Lairon… yeah… My non-legendary team is looking pretty good! I have Tyranitar for Special Attack, Salamence for Attack, then I’ll have Aggron for Defense, and Walrein for HP and some Attack. I need a speed specialist… which would probably be my Gengar (in Platinum) so that’s good… maybe another Defense… could be Shuckle… I dunno yet, we’ll see. On paper this is gonna be a good team. Two other Pokemon I’m lookin’ at are Flygon and Slaking.

This’ll come together at some point.


Emerald Update #1 – 6.19.10

Currently taking my Salamence…


…through the League several dozen times. She started at level 74 yesterday (after not having trained her for a long period of time) and is currently at level 90. I’m not gonna delve into her stats or moveset as I’m planning on taking her online for some competitive battle tests, so we’ll leave it at… erm… she’s a powerhouse.

Once I finish my Salamence (which will most likely be tonight) I’m gonna go back to training up a Spheal I have stored in the PC. I’m aiming for a party of non-uber but super powerful Pokemon and so far I’ve got Tyranitar and Gengar.

I’ll give an update tomorrow afternoon.