HeartGold – 6:41 – Update

I’ve played my brains out and I’m still going strong but I’ve decided to give you an update on all my Pokemon. Well… not all of them… just the three that matter.


Level 26

HP – 72

Attack – 42

Defense – 38

Special Attack – 50

Special Defense – 40

Speed – 59


Level 27

HP – 80

Attack – 45

Defense – 56

Special Attack – 41

Special Defense – 43

Speed – 47


Level 27

HP – 72

Attack – 44

Defense – 61

Special Attack – 40

Special Defense – 47

Speed – 39

So far I’ve noticed that all of the stats seem to be slowly rising. Like, really slowly. In Diamond I’d have at least 80 of some stat by level 27 on any given Pokemon.


Gold – 1:13 – Update

Well, I started over again… I was stuck in Goldenrod with a pretty horrible team of monsters so I decided to restart and try with a one-man powerhouse team and then go back and train when I need another Pokemon. I know at some point along the line I’m guaranteed a level 20 Sudowoodo and a level 30 Red Gyrados so those will make nice additions to my team.

I picked Cyndaquil (of course) and he’s now a level 16 Quilava. Here’s an update on him…


HP – 50

Attack – 29

Defense – 27

Special Attack – 33

Special Defense – 28

Speed – 37

So he’s pretty fast and pretty high with the Special Attack. Looking good so far for a 16… level… old… yeah…

Gold – 1:40 – Quilava



HP – 51

Attack – 29

Defense – 26

Special Attack – 35

Special Defense – 31

Speed – 36

My Cyndaquil evolved into Quilava right after I finished my gym battle against Falkner in Violet City. I Ember’d my way through the entire match and came out with the easy victory.

I’m not multi-training right now and this is mostly due to the fact that I mostly play at night. Different Pokemon appear at different times of day, and at night it’s a steady mixture of Hoothoot’s and Noctowl’s, neither of which I feel like training. I’m going to play during the day tomorrow and catch a Mareep, Hoppip, and a Wooper.