HeartGold – 7:17 – Feraligatr

I’m working my way up the Lighthouse in Olivine City and my Croconaw evolved into a Feraligatr!


Level 30

HP – 100

Attack – 64

Defense – 74

Special Attack – 57

Special Defense – 60

Speed – 64

Ice Fang



Water Gun

I’m pretty proud of my Feraligatr so far.


Diamond – 181:37 – Feraligatr

Instead of me thinking an evolution was going to take place then having to wait, this time I was surprised by an evolution six levels earlier than I thought!



When my Croconaw hit level 30, I was pleasantly greeted with an evolution. Now I’m just 70 levels away from another level 100 Pokemon. And now for the stats.

HP – 95

Attack – 73

Defense – 69

Special Attack – 53

Special Defense – 60

Speed – 63

So the Speed boost is starting to show. I can’t wait to see what this guy will look like at the end of my training process.