LeafGreen – 1:44 – Charmeleon

Well, my Charmander has evolved into Charmeleon. I’m on Route 3 training both Charmeleon and Pidgey against the various trainers scattered about. I’ll give you the stats of my Meleon.



HP – 45

Attack – 26

Defense – 26

Special Attack – 32

Special Defense – 27

Speed – 32

I have no idea why his Special Attack seems to be boosted. Charmeleon has a Bashful nature, so that isn’t affecting it. Oh well; all I know is that it’s higher than usual.


LeafGreen – 1:26 – Boulder Badge



I did it! I defeated Brock.

I trained my Charmander up to level 14, and, luckily, that was all I needed. Geodude only used defense-based attacks, so I was pretty much free for an all-out offensive. Onix on the other hand trapped me in a Bind, but that was it. The one time he used his devastating Rock Tomb attack, it missed. I only lost thirteen hit points on my way to my first gym badge.

LeafGreen – 1:09 – Pewter Gym

Pewter Gym

Pewter Gym

Well, I’ve reached Pewter, and that means I’ve reached the Pewter Gym. Unfortunately, neither my level 13 Charmander or my level 11 Pidgey are strong enough to beat Brock’s Geodude and Onix at levels 12 and 14, respectively. Which means it’s back down to Viridian Forest to train up.

Diamond – 181:37 – Feraligatr

Instead of me thinking an evolution was going to take place then having to wait, this time I was surprised by an evolution six levels earlier than I thought!



When my Croconaw hit level 30, I was pleasantly greeted with an evolution. Now I’m just 70 levels away from another level 100 Pokemon. And now for the stats.

HP – 95

Attack – 73

Defense – 69

Special Attack – 53

Special Defense – 60

Speed – 63

So the Speed boost is starting to show. I can’t wait to see what this guy will look like at the end of my training process.

Diamond – 180:20 – Totodile…?

What once was a youthful Totodile, is now…



Boo-yah! I’ve trained my Totodile into a Croconaw. I had forgotten that T-dile doesn’t evolve into C-naw until level 18, so when T-dile got to 16 I was foolishly excited for an evolution that wasn’t gonna happen. I’ll update you on the stats of my new Croconaw.

HP – 53

Attack – 36

Defense – 35

Special Attack – 27

Special Defense – 31

Speed – 30

As you can see, the Jolly nature also decreases your Special Attack. The one thing I love about natures is that every one of them has their pro’s and con’s. The pro for the Jolly nature is boosted Speed, and the con is prolonged Special Attack.

Oh well. I can cope.

LeafGreen – 0:00 – A New Beginning!

I never really had a save file I was happy with in LeafGreen. FireRed had always been my main game (I’m into the 130’s in gameplay hours), so I didn’t pay much attention to LeafGreen. Well… I’m changing that, starting a file, and you get to follow me through the whole thing!



Normally I’d go with the Water Pokemon, which, in this case, would be Squirtle, but I decided I’d go for Charmander. I’ve never really been a big fan of Bulbasaur, and Charizard is flat-out beast lookin’. So I’m picking Charmander as my starter in LeafGreen.

Diamond – 178:52 – Totodile



So I recently hatched a Totodile with a Jolly nature in my beloved Diamond game. I figure I need another Water-type Pokemon to compliment my Blastoise and Kyogre (that was a joke). So far, he’s level 10 with these stats:

HP – 31

Attack – 19

Defense – 19

Special Attack – 14

Special Defense – 16

Speed – 15

The Jolly nature is supposed to boost Speed, but I haven’t noticed that much of a difference. Maybe it’ll get better later on. I’m not EV training, so this guy won’t be as good as he can be. However, I can always train up another one.