Emerald Update #2 – 6.21.10

Alright! Salamence is up to level 100! WOO! Gonna change the moveset a little bit, migrate her over to HeartGold and then trade her to Diamond to get the Pokedex entries, then trade her to Platinum to wait for some online battling.

I mentioned Spheal before but I’m putting her on the shelf and training my Aron, which just recently evolved into Lairon, so… I’m training Lairon… yeah… My non-legendary team is looking pretty good! I have Tyranitar for Special Attack, Salamence for Attack, then I’ll have Aggron for Defense, and Walrein for HP and some Attack. I need a speed specialist… which would probably be my Gengar (in Platinum) so that’s good… maybe another Defense… could be Shuckle… I dunno yet, we’ll see. On paper this is gonna be a good team. Two other Pokemon I’m lookin’ at are Flygon and Slaking.

This’ll come together at some point.


Emerald Update #1 – 6.19.10

Currently taking my Salamence…


…through the League several dozen times. She started at level 74 yesterday (after not having trained her for a long period of time) and is currently at level 90. I’m not gonna delve into her stats or moveset as I’m planning on taking her online for some competitive battle tests, so we’ll leave it at… erm… she’s a powerhouse.

Once I finish my Salamence (which will most likely be tonight) I’m gonna go back to training up a Spheal I have stored in the PC. I’m aiming for a party of non-uber but super powerful Pokemon and so far I’ve got Tyranitar and Gengar.

I’ll give an update tomorrow afternoon.

HeartGold – 7:17 – Feraligatr

I’m working my way up the Lighthouse in Olivine City and my Croconaw evolved into a Feraligatr!


Level 30

HP – 100

Attack – 64

Defense – 74

Special Attack – 57

Special Defense – 60

Speed – 64

Ice Fang



Water Gun

I’m pretty proud of my Feraligatr so far.

HeartGold – 6:41 – Update

I’ve played my brains out and I’m still going strong but I’ve decided to give you an update on all my Pokemon. Well… not all of them… just the three that matter.


Level 26

HP – 72

Attack – 42

Defense – 38

Special Attack – 50

Special Defense – 40

Speed – 59


Level 27

HP – 80

Attack – 45

Defense – 56

Special Attack – 41

Special Defense – 43

Speed – 47


Level 27

HP – 72

Attack – 44

Defense – 61

Special Attack – 40

Special Defense – 47

Speed – 39

So far I’ve noticed that all of the stats seem to be slowly rising. Like, really slowly. In Diamond I’d have at least 80 of some stat by level 27 on any given Pokemon.

HeartGold – A New Adventure!

Man, I need to come up with a more original title for when I start new games…

Anyway, I bought HeartGold about two hours ago and I’m already in love with it (as much as you can be “in love” with a video game). The new PokeDex layout, the new Pokemon stats pages… gah, too much for me to gawk over. But those things are beside the point; I’m here to give you an update on my adventure so far.

I decided to pick (who else) Cyndaquil to begin my adventure. But after leveling it up to 9 I decided to trade a level 1 Totodile and a level 1 Chikorita from my Diamond game and they’re all around level 10 now. Here’s an update on their stats


Level 12

Nature – Naive (+Speed/-Special Attack)

HP – 33

Attack – 18

Defense – 16

Special Attack – 20

Special Defense – 18

Speed – 26


Level 10

Nature – Timid (+Speed/-Attack)

HP – 32

Attack – 17

Defense – 20

Special Attack – 15

Special Defense – 16

Speed – 16


Level 10

Nature – Lax (+Defense/-Special Defense)

HP – 29

Attack – 16

Defense – 22

Special Attack – 15

Special Defense – 17

Speed – 14

So there’s all my good Pokemon so far! I traded a Bellsprout to a kid in Violet City for an Onix named Rocky (very clever, son).  Right now I’m in Sprout Tower…

Sprout Tower

…getting ready to take on the guys at the top of the tower. After I Ember my way through the Sea of Bellsprouts I’ll go to battle Falkner at the Violet City Gym.

Gold – 1:13 – Update

Well, I started over again… I was stuck in Goldenrod with a pretty horrible team of monsters so I decided to restart and try with a one-man powerhouse team and then go back and train when I need another Pokemon. I know at some point along the line I’m guaranteed a level 20 Sudowoodo and a level 30 Red Gyrados so those will make nice additions to my team.

I picked Cyndaquil (of course) and he’s now a level 16 Quilava. Here’s an update on him…


HP – 50

Attack – 29

Defense – 27

Special Attack – 33

Special Defense – 28

Speed – 37

So he’s pretty fast and pretty high with the Special Attack. Looking good so far for a 16… level… old… yeah…

Diamond – 183:28 – Kyogre



As you all know, I’m training a Feraligatr. But I spotted my Kyogre in the Water PC box and noticed it was at level 98. Just two levels until 100? I couldn’t pass that up. I put my Feraligatr training on the shelf and decided to finish off Kyogre. Well, it’s all done, and here are it’s stats and move-set.

HP – 360

Attack – 260

Defense – 236

Special Attack – 334

Special Defense – 281

Speed – 247

Hydro Pump

Water Spot

Sheer Cold


Kyogre is my first level 100 Pokemon in about a month, and my tenth overall.