Emerald Update #2 – 6.21.10

Alright! Salamence is up to level 100! WOO! Gonna change the moveset a little bit, migrate her over to HeartGold and then trade her to Diamond to get the Pokedex entries, then trade her to Platinum to wait for some online battling.

I mentioned Spheal before but I’m putting her on the shelf and training my Aron, which just recently evolved into Lairon, so… I’m training Lairon… yeah… My non-legendary team is looking pretty good! I have Tyranitar for Special Attack, Salamence for Attack, then I’ll have Aggron for Defense, and Walrein for HP and some Attack. I need a speed specialist… which would probably be my Gengar (in Platinum) so that’s good… maybe another Defense… could be Shuckle… I dunno yet, we’ll see. On paper this is gonna be a good team. Two other Pokemon I’m lookin’ at are Flygon and Slaking.

This’ll come together at some point.


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