Diamond – 180:20 – Totodile…?

What once was a youthful Totodile, is now…



Boo-yah! I’ve trained my Totodile into a Croconaw. I had forgotten that T-dile doesn’t evolve into C-naw until level 18, so when T-dile got to 16 I was foolishly excited for an evolution that wasn’t gonna happen. I’ll update you on the stats of my new Croconaw.

HP – 53

Attack – 36

Defense – 35

Special Attack – 27

Special Defense – 31

Speed – 30

As you can see, the Jolly nature also decreases your Special Attack. The one thing I love about natures is that every one of them has their pro’s and con’s. The pro for the Jolly nature is boosted Speed, and the con is prolonged Special Attack.

Oh well. I can cope.


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