Diamond – 190:45 – WiFi Battle #1

So I recently posted on the PokeCommunity forums that I was up for a battle with someone. Well, I got what I was looking for, and I battled polkop from the forum. WOO!

Here’s the video.


Gold – 1:40 – Quilava



HP – 51

Attack – 29

Defense – 26

Special Attack – 35

Special Defense – 31

Speed – 36

My Cyndaquil evolved into Quilava right after I finished my gym battle against Falkner in Violet City. I Ember’d my way through the entire match and came out with the easy victory.

I’m not multi-training right now and this is mostly due to the fact that I mostly play at night. Different Pokemon appear at different times of day, and at night it’s a steady mixture of Hoothoot’s and Noctowl’s, neither of which I feel like training. I’m going to play during the day tomorrow and catch a Mareep, Hoppip, and a Wooper.

Gold – 0:00 – Another New Beginning

In honor of Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver (which I’ll be getting — both of ’em), I decided to take a walk down memory lane and restart my Gold version. I had a save file on there that I was very frustrated with; I was stuck at the Elite Four with only one strong Pokemon. I had neglected to multi-train through the whole game so I’d be ready for the E4 and then, eventaully, Kanto’s eight badges.

I won’t make that mistake this time, as my partner Cyndaquil…



…and I will take on two regions, sixteen badges, and a world of adventure!

That sounded a bit too epic for this blog…

Diamond – 183:28 – Kyogre



As you all know, I’m training a Feraligatr. But I spotted my Kyogre in the Water PC box and noticed it was at level 98. Just two levels until 100? I couldn’t pass that up. I put my Feraligatr training on the shelf and decided to finish off Kyogre. Well, it’s all done, and here are it’s stats and move-set.

HP – 360

Attack – 260

Defense – 236

Special Attack – 334

Special Defense – 281

Speed – 247

Hydro Pump

Water Spot

Sheer Cold


Kyogre is my first level 100 Pokemon in about a month, and my tenth overall.

LeafGreen – 1:44 – Charmeleon

Well, my Charmander has evolved into Charmeleon. I’m on Route 3 training both Charmeleon and Pidgey against the various trainers scattered about. I’ll give you the stats of my Meleon.



HP – 45

Attack – 26

Defense – 26

Special Attack – 32

Special Defense – 27

Speed – 32

I have no idea why his Special Attack seems to be boosted. Charmeleon has a Bashful nature, so that isn’t affecting it. Oh well; all I know is that it’s higher than usual.

LeafGreen – 1:26 – Boulder Badge



I did it! I defeated Brock.

I trained my Charmander up to level 14, and, luckily, that was all I needed. Geodude only used defense-based attacks, so I was pretty much free for an all-out offensive. Onix on the other hand trapped me in a Bind, but that was it. The one time he used his devastating Rock Tomb attack, it missed. I only lost thirteen hit points on my way to my first gym badge.

LeafGreen – 1:09 – Pewter Gym

Pewter Gym

Pewter Gym

Well, I’ve reached Pewter, and that means I’ve reached the Pewter Gym. Unfortunately, neither my level 13 Charmander or my level 11 Pidgey are strong enough to beat Brock’s Geodude and Onix at levels 12 and 14, respectively. Which means it’s back down to Viridian Forest to train up.